Tourist Places

साड़ियाॅं मुबारकपुर
Mubarakpur Saree Cluster
Category Others

According to the local people, Mubarakpur has been famous for its fine silk weaving as well as its impressive zari…

ब्लैक पाॅटरी
Nizamabad Black Pottery
Category Others

Nizamabad-Azamgarh is known for its Black Pottery. According to mythological beliefs, the feudal rulers, influenced by the Persian style, had…

चन्द्रमा ऋषि
Chandrama Rishi Ashram
Category Religious

Chandrama Rishi Ashram is situated at the confluence of Tamsa and Silni rivers. A fair is held here on Ram…

ऋषि दत्तात्रेय
Dattatreya Ashram
Category Religious

The temple of sage Dattatreya is situated at the confluence of Tamsa and Kunwar rivers. A fair is organized here…

माँ पाल्मेश्वरी धाम
Palhmeshwari Devi Temple
Category Religious

According to Puranas, Maharaja Daksha had performed a Yagya at Maa Palhmeshwari Dham Sthal, in which Lord Bhole Shankar was…

दौलत इब्राहिम खाँ का मकबरा
Daulat Ibrahim Khan Tomb
Category Historic

The tomb/fort of Daulat Ibrahim Khan is a unique example of its contemporary architecture. Raja Haribansh Singh built a mausoleum…

चरण पादुका गुरूदारा
Nizamabad Charan Paduka Gurudwara
Category Religious

The Charan Paduka Gurudara was established at Nizamabad is known for its culture and heritage. Worship is done here by…

अवन्तिकापुरी धाम
Awantikapuri Dham
Category Religious

According to mythology at Avantikapuri Dham, a Yagya was organized there by King Parikshit’s son Janmejaya to kill all the…

Durwasha Rishi Ashram
Category Religious

Devotees fulfill their wishes by visiting Durvasha Rishi Ashram. Fairs are organized here every year on various festivals in Shravan…

bhairo baba
Bhairav Baba Temple
Category Religious

The ancient temple of Bhairav Baba is the center of faith and reverence. Every year a week-long fair is organized…