Important Places










AZAMGARH CITY (Tehsil- Sadar, Block- Palhni):-
                               The principal town of the district also gives its name to the district headquarter and forms a tahsil of the name Sadar. It is situated in Lat.26 Degree 4 minute(North) and Long. 83 Degree 11 minute (East), on the road leading from Allahabd through Jaunpur to Gorakhpur. Metalled road from this place lead south-east wards to Ghazipur and Mau and west-wards to Shahganj. There is a railway station of the same name on a branch of the north eastern railway. The city was founded around 1665 by one Azam Khan son of Bikramjit. The old fort of Azam Shah is situated on the bank of river Tamsa in east of city. There are 2 boys degree colleges-D.A.V.Degree college, Shiblee Degree college and 1 girls degree college-Agrashen Girls Degree College. On the road of Azamgarh-Ghazipur Shri Durgaji Post Graduate Degree college, Chandeshar is situated. Which is 5 km. from city. The agricultural and Homoeopathic medical college is also here.A Famous urdu library named as Shilblee library located at Shiblee Academy. The Kunwar singh park is situated in the city.



NIZAMABAD  (Tahsil- Nizamabad , Block- Rani ki Sarai):-

                         Situated in Lat. 26 degree 3 minute north and Long. 83 degree 1 minute E, on the banks of the river Tons, the place falls on Azamgarh-Nizamabad road at distance of 17 km. from district headquarter.A local tradition ascribes its nomenclature to one Sheikh Nizam-ud-din, a Sufi saint the reamins of whose tomb are pointed out here.
           The famous Gurudwara possessing a pair of wooden slippers and a dagger said to be of Guru Nanak who once visited the place. The black poutry is famous in the world. This is Born-place of famous poet Ayodhya Singh 'Harioodh'.


MAHARAJGANJ (Tehsil- Sagari , Block -  Maharajganj):-

        Situated in Lat.26 degree 15 minut N. and Long. 83 degree 5' E., at a distance of about 23 km. from dist. hq. and 24 km. from tehsil hq., the place is located on the banks of Chhoti  Saryu and is connected by metalled roads to Bilariaganj and Jianpur. The place is said to have  derived its nomenclature from one of the rajas of Azamgarh, after whom the place came to known as Maharajganj.

       An old shrine dedicated to Bhiron Baba also known as Deotari, is by one tradition the spot where Parvati , the consort of lord siva, is said to have exhumed herself in the pyre of Daksha's yajna bedi or pyre on which the yajna sacrifice was to be performed. Yet another tradition describes it as being a gate of the ancient city of Ayodhya, from which it is 40 kos or 120 km. distant. It as the venue of a fair held every month on the day of full moon , but on the lenth day of the bright halh pf Jyaistha, a larger fair is celebrated. The development block is Maharajganj.


MUBARAKPUR ( Tehsil- Sadar, Block- Sathiaon):-

          Mubarakpur is situated in Lat.26 degree 6' N. and Logitude 83 degree 18' E. at a distance of 13 km. north-east of the district headquarter.

Its original nomenclature is said to have been Qasimabad, and to have fallen into decay before it was resettled, in the name of Raja Mubarak, a Sufi of Manikpur Karaa, by a sheikh landholder. The place is famous for the manufacture of Benarasi saris, which are also very popular and exported to the World. Among the old buildings the temple of Thakurji and mosque of Raja Sahib is situated there.


MEHNAGAR (Tehsil- Mehnagar, Block-   Mehnagar):-

  It is situated 36 km. from the district headquarter in east-south. The monuments of the fort built by king Haribans and huge pond is famous here. A religious fair is being organised every year on the ponds named as Madilaha which is 3 km. from tehsil headquarter.




This place is situated on the sangam of Tons and Majhuee river which is 6 km. north from the Phulpur tehsil headquarter. It is famous for the Ashram of Durvasa Rishi where in old days thousands of students came to gain the knowledge of famous fair held every year on the occassion of Kartik Purnima.



This place is situated on the sangam of Tons and Kunwar river , 3 km. from Nijambad tehsil hq in the direction of south-west. There is a Ashram of Dattatreya Rishi where in past days the people came to achieve knowledge and peace. On the day ofShivratri fair is organized.




Mahatma Govind Sahab had worshiped here.
This place is 6 km. distant from the Atraulia Block. On the day of Agahan sudi Dashmi a very big fair is held in which the cattle like cow, bull, buffalo, camel, horse, donkey and elephant are sell and buy. The period of fair is about one month.




This place is situated in the development block Muhammadpur. The tradition say that Raja Janmejai has organized Yagya for killing the all snakes on the earth.The temple and ponds of this place is famous, the people come here to take a holy dip in the pond.