Important Persons

Ayodhya Prasad 'Hari Oudh ' Rahul Sanshkrityayan
Shyam Narian PandayLaxmi Narain Misra,
Soond FaizabadiAllama Shibli Nomani
Zami ChiraiyakotiSabana Azmi
Sham sur Rahman FarooquiKaifi Azmi

Allama Shibli Nomani:

Allama Shibli Nomani was a writer, poet, historian, teacher, nationalist and intelletual personality of Azamgarh. He was born in 1857 at Bindval village in Sagari tahsil from the beginning the Nomani was very talented. He completed his early education from his village and from other places. He received the knowledge of traditional Islamic science and Indian study in touch with Farooq Chiryakoti. After passing the law examination he became lawyer. Siblee was a brilliant writer and his famous writings are Hayat-e-Khurusu Al-mamum, Al-gazli.His most famous creation is Sirat-un-nabi which is based on the biography of prophet Mohammed).

Jami Chairaiyakoti:

He was a famous poet, author, writer. He belongs from village Chiraikote of District Azamgarh U.P. His father Late Allama Kaifi Chiraiyakati was a famous writer who has written so many books in Urdu, Persian, Arabic and hindi. He has written a book on "History of Urdu Literature" called Jawahire-Sukhan in 8 volumes which earned International fame. Jami Chairaiyakoti has received many awards from government body. He has received the prestigious Award 'Rahul Puruskar' in 1992. He has written many famous books, some of these are-'Apni Dharti Apne Geet', 'Dharti ka Chirag', Sitaro se Aage', and Kavivar Shaida'.